Craft & Design

We met Philippe and Tara, a duo of French and Cambodian artists. They welcomed us into their house, and it was a beautiful discovery of their work and their creations, sublime decorative objects made of papier-mâché

Philippe draws, and with Tara, they create original creations in recycled paper. Inspired by traditional art and Khmer temples, their sculptures are stunning, we would think they are made of stone, bronze, or wood. Unique know-how that perfectly represents local art.

We like to blend traditional techniques with modern and designed products, so we chose the bird and the elephant with their timeless lines and contemporary design for our collection. 



Birds that remind us of the "Eames house bird" a design icon for more than a century, created by Charles and Ray Eames.

Elephants are seen in Asia as a symbol of peace, prosperity and luck. According to Feng shui, if the trunk of the elephant is up, the elephant will pour out blessings and good fortune, that's why elephant statues are found at the front door or in interior decoration .

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