Slow Living has become a new consumer trend. We are talking about a Slow Living lifestyle that combines happiness and well-being. Do you feel overwhelmed, always busy, and caught up in time? Do you want to slow down and sometimes do nothing?

This article explains what that is, why it has become a trend, what the benefits are and how we try to slow down. Discover “Slow Living” with POASIA tips and product recommendations.

What is Slow Living ?

Slow Living is taking a slower approach to everyday life by doing less, prioritizing, and taking time to do important things that are beneficial to your well-being. It means knowing how to appreciate the present moment, enjoying life’s simple pleasures, and being conscious and appreciative.

Adopting a Slow Living lifestyle is self-reflection on what you value the most in life. It is to step back, look at the big picture, find what makes you happier, and privilege quality time over quantity.


Why is it becoming a trend ? 

Slow living has become a real trend, especially since the pandemic, where many of us have slowed down. Slow living pushes us towards simplicity, to consume less, but better, for a more sustainable and conscious life.

On Instagram, hashtags like #theartofslowliving or #slowliving show cups of coffee on linen sheets with books to show how we can appreciate life’s simple pleasures.


What are the benefits ?

  • Better Health: finding time to do the right things, the things you love, will make you feel more relaxed, less anxious, and less stressed.
  • Better Relationships: spending time with the people you love and care about will increase the quality time.
  • Happiness: You will feel more fulfilled by making yourself and what you love to do a priority.


How to adopt a "Slow Living" lifestyle ? (Our tips & products recommendations)


  1. Make your house a home

The first step towards a slower life is to have a clean and tidy house. When your home is messy and cluttered, your mind will be too, and you'll feel overwhelmed.

The other thing to do is get rid of what you don't need and make room for the things you love. You will thus have the satisfaction of feeling at home.

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 2. Start your day off right

We used to postpone the alarm until the last minute to sleep more, jump out of bed, grab a cup of coffee and rush out, but not anymore. It is important to take your time in the morning to wake up, have your coffee, read the news, and allow yourself the time needed to relax and start the day well.

* How about adopting Atith ceramic mug to start your day off right with a cup of tea/coffee. The mug is available in 3 colors: grey, beige, and terracotta. 



 3. Disconnect

It is difficult to stay away from electronics, and we are addicted to our phones, laptops, and televisions, causing stress.

The goal is to disconnect and get away from all electronic devices for a few hours each day while cooking, going to the gym, doing a hobby, playing with your pet, or taking a walk.

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