International Women’s Day: highlighting passionate women entrepeneurs

International Women's Day is a global celebration to recognize women’s contributions throughout history and promote gender equality and empowerment. Many companies around the world organise events and activities, inviting women-led businesses to share their journey and showcase their products and services.
Last year, we were invited at chez Suzette cafe.This year, we are invited by Adobe Singapore on Thursday, March 9th, to introduce Monkey Loot and POASIA collections.


Some featured products for you beautiful women:

  • Svay Rieng handwoven throw, in an earthy terra color, 100% cotton and hypoallergenic
  • Chanthou ceramic vase, rustic and raw to welcome your bouquet of fresh or dry flowers
  • Arunny mug, to start your day with a cup of tea or coffee
  • Moon bird, a timeless design piece made of PAPIER MACHE


I started this journey in 2021 while living in Cambodia, my parent's home country. We travelled around the region, discovered our roots, uncovered a country rich in culture, history, and heritage, and decided to start POASIA to build the bridge from Cambodia to the world. Today, I am based in Singapore, and keep working with Cambodian makers, showcasing their craft in our retail studio, located in Joo chiat, Singapore East Coast.
Through POASIA, we met many beautiful women, makers, entrepreneurs, and friends.
To name a few that I admire for their work and passion:


  • Chahnez from Labogie. Chahnez started her brand with the idea of being different from the other candle brands in the market. Every collection is born from a collaboration with a ceramist craftsman. 100% handmade, she pours each candle at her workshop in Bordeaux and offers a refillable option for a more responsible and sustainable approach.


  • Sophie from Parti Pris concept, is passionate about Home & lifestyle. From her marketing background, she is now an entrepreneur and content creator. Believing in her dreams, she has opened her concept store in Lille, showcasing local crafters and creators, all curated by Sophie herself.


  • Ka-lai from Manava, with her designer background, founded Manama a social enterprise to support rural Cambodian women by creating exclusive, artisanal rattan products that strengthen Cambodia's creative industries. 


  • Last but not least, Jess who is our business partner and founder of our sister brand Monkey Loot. She created a brand that believes home is the starting point of dreams, where memories are created. An intentional space for mindful and slow living where every little corner should mean something.



To all the women out there trying to find their way in this world:
« There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish. »
Michelle Obama