Do you know our throws are naturally dyed?⁠ Colors are derived from natural ingredients such as plants, Sappan wood, mango, and coconut, available in the villages of Cambodia. It takes one day of spinning and dyeing to get the desired color.


First, it consists of preparing the dye by boiling the ingredients. The yarn is gently immersed in a bath of fresh, natural dye for three to four hours, depending on the intensity of the color targeted. Then rinse to remove any excess paint and allow to dry for a full day. 


What are the benefits of a natural dye?⁠

  1. It is colorfastness and guarantees the quality of keeping the same color
  2. It is hypoallergenic, has no chemical elements, and is safe for children’s and adults’ skin.
  3. It is a sustainable practice and protects the environment
  4. It preserves ancient techniques⁠

Meet Chroeun boiling the yarn into Sappan wood extracts, a redwood from Southeast Asia, to get this rich terra color.


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